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11017 West 3rd Street, Fowler, MI 48835
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+1 989-593-2525


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  • Matt Murray
    Mar, 21 2018
    ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Staff acts like you're rudely interrupting them when you call to make an appointment, they are always trying to rush you off the phone instead of letting you ask questions about the appointment you are trying to schedule.. The PA is rude and combative, will leave your exam while you are still talking to her and not return. She doesn't want to listen to you, just talk at you and expects you to just go along with whatever pills she can prescribe even when you try to explain that they make you sick or worse off then the original condition.

    I only gave two stars because I like Dr. Poff and Dr. Osborne, they really seem to listen and pay attention to what you are saying and they don't get offended when you disagree with them. I really miss Sarah Worsley who in my opinion was the best PA in the world in terms of bedside manner and trying to get to the bottom of things. She made me feel cared for whereas since she left I feel like a number and a nuisance. I am strongly considering abandoning this office because I feel the staff and atmosphere are just toxic now.
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Fowler Family Care Center

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